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Science Fiction, suspense, thriller

Due to underground nuclear experiments the ants have mutated. Bigger, smarter and stronger, they begin to out-muscle the human race. The discovery is at first slow, but Darren Wright is the first to realise the bigger picture. Will the ants win the war, or will the humans be a little smarter, using their technical knowledge to great effect?

Told in two parts: The Queen Antís Story and The Humanís Story.

Please enjoy.

Crisis Management




Science Fiction, comedy crime adventure, suspense

Razz Engar is a Private Detective in an age where technology and improved human behaviour make his skills redundant. But there is a big plot afoot, and Razz is the man to get to the bottom of it, even if it costs him his wife and family - even his life.

Full of future machines and technology, only the core human psyche remains unchanged - we still can't be honest with each other.

Please enjoy.





A love story set against the battlegrounds of the future

Battleships in space are run by computers, each with its own personality. For one ship, even Shakespeare couldn't predict how strong the emotion called love could be.

Possibly my favourite story of all that I have written.

Please enjoy.

  Flotsam & Jetsam




Crime, thriller, adventure, suspense

When Michael Lamont finds a message in a bottle, claiming the author has been marooned on an island, he sets off on a world-wide trip of discovery. As his investigations come to fruition he finds a new wife and realises there is a very dark secret to the Tollomy family, which puts him in peril. Near to solving the injustice and taking Tollomy to trial, the case becomes full of Flotsam and Jetsam to impede him.

.Please enjoy.

 Rather the Thought than the Deed




Science Fiction, adventure, mystery, crime

On the planet of Morgrel, a very young boy,
Cidie, finds out he has a very special gift. Once that gift is discovered, he is susceptible to exploitation by several of the Planet's elders. As the young boy develops into a man, his power and understanding of the gift makes him more powerful than the elders. This takes him off-planet and he becomes a formidable force in the Universe.

Please enjoy.

To the Manor Born




History, crime, mystery, adventure

200 years ago there were no banks, no cheque books and bank notes werenít in use. A rich man hid his money in his home, or buried it in the ground. It would take a day or more to travel to London from the suburbs, when today it takes an hour. Today a man walking down the street in a shirt and jeans could buy that street from the plastic in his pocket. 200 years ago it would have taken a coach and horses, an armed guard and a great deal of organisation to carry that volume of money.

An atmospheric piece set in the early 1800's, where the downtrodden butler gets his revenge on his mean and cruel master.

Please enjoy.

Waste Products




Crime, thriller

Amy is an office cleaner. Beset by home problems, she discovers a world of information from the rubbish bins of the office staff. At first a source of amusement, it soon turns into a discovery that a crime is being committed. After gathering enough information, Amy and her husband set about righting wrongs and helping some of the staff - without their knowledge.

Please enjoy.



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