The object of this e-book is to entertain, tease, challenge and (at times) amuse.

Each of these fifteen stories is based on a well know song. Once you see the words, the music will come back to you – you all know these songs. Sometimes, even a familiar record can surprise us, as we don’t always listen to the words too carefully. Often, singing along with the wrong words.

For those that like a good puzzle, this is also for you. Some of the stories are easy. The clues obvious and if you know the words, you will guess quickly. Some, are more…difficult. Some heavily disguised.

You may chose to read the story, make a guess, see the answer and check where all the clues were. Others may want to know the song first and see if they can spot the words in the story, checking their guesses with the clues later. Others may wish to read the stories for the sake of a good read. Whatever way you approach this e-book, I hope there’s something for everyone.

The stories range from Science Fiction, through western, crime and even a romantic one here and there. They should make you think, make you smile and, hopefully, make you want to read them again. Don’t give this book to a friend after you’ve read it. Please buy them one of their own.

In researching for facts to give credibility to the stories, I was surprised at the depth of interesting ideas I got out of the subjects. Initially an idea could be simple, but after research, I sometimes found so much more depth to the subject. Sometimes this took me onto a different thread and sometimes even changed the whole story. For this, of course, I must be grateful to the Internet.

Every story was a project of its own. Each song has a different rhythm to the words. Some songs are very repetitive. Obviously, I couldn’t reinforce that repetition, it would bore the reader. So, a few words have been left out here and there. Not enough to stop you guessing the song. Also, lines like: Oh yeah baby, Can’t you see, Yeah, All right, have not been taken as a valuable part of the lyrics and may not have always been included in the story.

Occasionally the lines and verses are not always in the same order as the original lyrics. Sometimes a word or phrase may be out of phase. Once again, the clues are there, but not necessarily where you expect to find them.

There will be some ‘Red Herrings’ as well. Storylines to tempt you into thinking it is a vital part of the lyric. Little devices to maintain the ‘puzzle’ element of each story.

As far as the titles of each piece go, there are no clues there. Each story stands on its own, and its title is significant to the story, not the song.

The longest story (FIRST LANDING) is nearly 20,000 words (The average novel is around 80,000 to 100,000 words). The shortest (PERSUATION) is under 3,000. Read whichever takes your fancy, the order is not significant.

I must emphasise that these stories have no direct connection with the original songwriters. These stories do not reflect what they were thinking about when the lyrics were written. There is no intent to redefine, change, or amplify their original masterpieces. This e-book is intended to provide an additional stimulation to reader, knowing they will recognise something hidden within the story. That ‘something’ happens to be a well-known song.

My personal favourite? VELVET GLOVE. The research was so enjoyable and the atmosphere was pure nostalgia.

So pour yourself a cup of cocoa and get comfortable. And most of all – enjoy.



When converting an idea into a story there is a definite length to that story. Overwriting can spoil it, underwriting can devalue it. All ideas have a natural length. Not all ideas, therefore, can make novels. Hence – the short story.

When does a short story become a story, or become a novel? A novel is assumed to be between 80,000 and 100,000 words. So anything less than that may be classified as a short story.

Fundamentally, a short story is a story that is told in a short space of time. The detail it needs to convey characters and plot has to be written tighter than the novel. The novel has the luxury of filling in the details. Detailing the past, present and future of its characters and plots.

In a short story, the high point can come quickly, whilst in a novel a concept may be better developed and drawn out – and often revealed at the very end.

I have written many short stories and didn’t know what to do with them. To bundle a selection into a book does not offer the reader much incentive to buy the book. So the idea of LYRICS was conceived. Here was a chance to create definitive storylines and throw in the puzzle element at the same time.

So, the point is – there is a place for short stories. Ideas that don’t run to full length novels. Pieces that can be picked up, read all the way through, all before the cocoa gets cold. Simple and complete, satisfying as a bar of chocolate. And one of the most important things – variety. In any collection of short stories the reader needs variety. In addition, LYRICS offers the more puzzle orientated of you to challenge your mind.

I hope you enjoy this e-book. If enough of you do, there could well be a second and maybe a third. After all, there are thousands of well-known songs out there, but which ones are in this e-book?



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